Bitcoin Mixer guarantees that there will be absolutely no trail nor any link between your deposited Bitcoins and the Anonymous Bitcoins you will receive from the Bitcoin Mixer.

Indeed, Forwarded Bitcoins do not directly come from our Mixing Pools, but from other uncorrelated sources.


One of our main priority is to ensure the Bitcoins forwarded to our users come from Legitimate sources rather than Mixed Bitcoins that might come from illegal activities.

Bitcoin Mixer only forwards Legitimate Bitcoins coming from Decentralized Apps such as DEX, crypto Loans, ...

Bitcoin (BTC) Mixer

Welcome to Bitcoin Mixer, a Decentralized App (dApp) designed to Obfuscate Bitcoins origins by performing Anonymous Bitcoins Transaction. This Bitcoin dApp is fully automated and does not require users to register or provide any personal information.

Other Cryptocurrency Mixers:

High Volume

With more than 1,000 pre-mixed BTC. Bitcoin Mixer can cover large transactions.


Mixing process is entirely automatic and only relies on dApp and dEx to operate.


Don't wait for the Mixing Process, Bitcoin Mixer sends you its own untraceable BTC.


Your privacy is our main concern! This server does not store log, cookies, ...

Dear BTC Mixer user,

  • Should you have any question regarding Bitcoin Mixing, please refer to our FAQ.
  • Before engaging in Mixing your Bitcoins, please acknowledge the services fees listed below.
  • Mixing Fees: 3%.
  • Minimum Mixing: 0.003 BTC.
  • Maximum Mixing: 1,000.00 BTC.
* Enter the wallet address that will receive your Anonymous BTC.
* To avoid Chain-Analysis, your payment in Untraceable BTC has to be delayed. The higher you set that delay, the better it is.
* We do not check...

3 Steps Process

Set the Mixer

Enter your Receiving Address. Choose a Delay using the slider. Click on Start.

Mix your Bitcoins

Transfer the bitcoins you want to mix to the given Mixing Wallet. Once the deposit confirmed (1 Confirmation), the Forwarding Delay starts.

Receive your Anonymous Bitcoins

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitcoin Mixer?

Bitcoin Mixer is a decentralized non-custodial privacy solution built on the Bitcoin blockchain. It allows users to break links during on-chain transactions and guarantees transaction privacy between deposit and withdrawal addresses.

Why should I mix my Bitcoins?

One of the major characteristics of the blockchain is that it maintains a record of every single transactions that have occurred, this record is publicly visible.

Such a degree of transparency makes it easy to trace Bitcoins as they are exchanged but, to some extent, it is possible to completely de-anonymize crypto users.

Especially, since centralized exchanges (CEXs) and other custodians have mandatory Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) rules that assist regulators or even hackers to reveal your true identity.

Using Bitcoin Mixer allows you to regain that Anonymity.

Who might know my Identity behind my wallet address?

  • Exchanges and Governments: Because if KYC, AML, and your IP Address that they always save.
  • Merchants: If you ever bought a Non-Anonymous service/good with your wallet.
  • Hackers: With Millions of computers hacked every year, crypto user are their prime target.

How much Mixing Costs?

  • Bitcoin Mixer requires a 3% service fees on the total amount of bitcoin mixed.
  • Those fees will automatically be deducted from the amount of untraceable forwarded to you.

What is a forwarding address?

The forwarding address that you are requested to fill is the Receiving wallet, the Wallet that will be provided with Untraceable Bitcoins by the Bitcoin Mixer.

What is the forwarding delay?

Delayed payment, is a very important feature, aiming to foil Blockchain analysis by giving time to the blockchain to process multiple transactions before forwarding your Untraceable Bitcoins.

What if I deposit less than the minimum required?

Your deposit will be considered as a donation to Bitcoin Mixer and will not be processed.

What if I deposit more than the maximum allowed?

Your Mixing will be processed, but you can expect a longer Forwarding Delay. This Maximum amount is set in order to avoid draining our liquidity pools.

What if I exit(ed) the mixer?

Every deposit made to the mixer before expiration of the Mixing Session will automatically be processed, and your Anonymous Bitcoins will be transferred to your Forwarding Address after your chosen Delay.

Do you enforce KYC?

No! We do not enforce KYC, and we don't even have too as BTX Mixer operates from the Cayman Islands which does not cooperate with Financial Actions Task Force (FATF).

Do you store logs?

Bitcoin Mixer does not store logs regarding its visitor, even more, Bitcoin Mixer does not even use cookies that would be stored on users side.

Is it safe to use?

Bitcoin Mixer has already been used to Anonymize several hundreds of thousands of Bitcoins and never suffered any breach or hack. Bitcoin Mixer is the safest cryptocurrency Mixer you can get.

Another question?

Contact us, our support team will be glad to assist you.

Contact us

Our team is here to help and answer any question you might have. We look forward to hearing from you. Please check our FAQ page before contacting us.
* So we can reply to you.
* Should you have a Session ID, please mention it.

Resume your BTC Mixing Session

* Using the Session ID that was given to you by the Bitcoin Mixer.

You don't have it?

This is not a problem! Bitcoin Mixer being fully automatic, every deposit you made to the BTC Mixer will be processed and forwarded after according to your chosen Forwarding Delay.

If you want to Mix more Bitcoins, feel free to create a new Mixing Session.

Mixing Info
  • Session ID:
    • Keep this ID to resume your session if connection is lost.
  • Expire in:
  • Forwarding Address:
  • Forwarding Delay:
  • Mixing Fees: 3%
Deposit address

Deposit Address:

  • Minimum Deposit: 0.003 BTC
  • Maximum Deposit: 1,000.00 BTC

To Mix your Bitcoins, use your favorite wallet to deposit your BTC to this Deposit Address.
Your deposit will automatically be detected by the Mixer and will appear under "Deposit(s)".
After 1 confirmation, the mixer will schedule a "Forwarding Transaction" to forward your Untraceable Bitcoins to your "Forwarding address".

Waiting for your Deposit(s)
Forwarding Transaction(s)

* Once you are done mixing your Bitcoins, we advise you to Delete this Mixing Session from the Mixer's memory. Every session are automatically erased after 24 hours.

Once deleted, do not send any more bitcoins to this wallet!

Session Not Found

This Mixing Session can't be restored, there are 3 possible reasons for that:

  • You mistyped the Session ID.
  • This Mixing Session automatically expired after 24 hours.
  • You manually deleted this Session ID.

Every BTC deposit you might have made will automatically be mixed and forwarded to your Forwarding Address.

If you wish to Mix more Bitcoins, feel free to create a new mixing session.